August 18, 2012

I am uploading again all albums and compilations. Soon they will be available again for download. May Viking Gods and Runes Guide your Path.

January 9, 2011

From the deepest northern woods came a man with a mighty mind, who created great and majestic black metal with an amazing atmosphere of darkness.

"Embraced by darkness at the forgotten forest" is my journey through Varg Vikernes music, a perfect trip through all his albums, since the beginning of Burzum untill his recent project "Belus". I also added instrumental and atmospheric songs that makes you feel embraced and touched by the forest.

Thanks you Varg for giving me so much inspiration in one-man bands projects and hundred of hours in your deep winter Norwegian woods.

(Soon to download)

February 10, 2010

I designed this Artwork for the Infierno Metal Forum (, for the Viking/Folk/Pagan Section. The 2009 is gone and a new cycle begins, a new year to Hail Nature and Gods. And as usual, we made two compilations, one with only songs from early 2009 albums, and another one with songs since 1990-2005. Each user contributed with two songs, creating a great travel through different genres. I proposed “Windrider – By The Light Of Two Trees” (2009) and “Heol Telwen – Epona Part II" (2005)

“Our Last Pagan Victory” brings honour to all those albums that were made the last few months, about Norse Mythology and many other Old Northern beliefs. And “Fifteen Years of Ancient Battles” reminds us some awesome and more “underground” bands, who created and established many sounds of the music we actually enjoy.

(Soon to download)

(Soon to download)

May 21, 2009

Finally Varg Vikernes is out, so I wanted to make a good tribute to an important person for me, a source of inspiration in one-man projects. Varg Qisling Larsson Vikernes, musician, composer, singer, writer, philosopher and Odinism defender is definitely an important contribution to the old "True Norwegian Black Metal" scene. There have been many tributes and band’s covers along these years of waiting, so I decided to chose the best of each, creating a great travel through all his music, but in a different way. Thanks Varg for all your works, I hope to see you soon.

(Soon to download)

December 29, 2008

In my opinion Amon Amarth is one of the best Viking-themed band ever made. I wanted to represent the epic vocals and lyrics of Johan Hegg in this compilation. "The Attack Of The Berserkers" is to feel this kind of battles, were Bersekers entered combat possessed by hate, fighting only with axes and shield, but with hundred of Wolves and Bears in their proudly souls.

(Soon to download)

November 27, 2008

Most of the bands that we actually know, started a long time ago with a demo Album/Tape. In that moment, they recorded their first songs, that will be in their future albums. These songs were recorded in different periods, most of them in the 90', but I also included some new bands, that released their demo in this year (Nogroth for example).

"The Beginning Of Our Journey" represents the start of their journey through music. There are many bands, most of them are from the Northern Realms, making music about Norse Mythology, Slavic culture, Fairies, Trolls, and other creatures from the deep dark woods of the world. This compilation makes me feel proud of that I like and believe, a deeply connection with Scandinavian Nature and Ancient Northern Mythologies.

(Soon to download)

November 8, 2008

Scandinavian Black Metal" are ten songs that sounds like the true black metal that I really like. All of them share something special, basic riffs and great harsh vocals, making the perfect atmosphere of winter and darkness, feeling the frozen forest and northern winds that runs through my veins. It was very hard the decision of the songs, but I think I added most of the bands I like.
Not all of them are from the North of Europe, but mostly are from Scandinavia, where I hope to spend the rest of my life.

(Soon to download)